On Lunatics and Losers in the Right

Glenn Frazier Miller, Idiot, ImbecileHere follows Greg Johnson’s comments on Frazier Glenn Miller and his links to VNN forum concerning the  individuals that inhabit its virtual space. And yes, I do know Bill doesn’t like Greg Johnson – but this article is worth spreading around. Much of what Johnson calls the ‘Old Right’ is just a bunch of pansies moaning on the internet about how oppressed they are by people they claim to be inferior. How can the inferior oppress the superior? It cannot – therefore these ‘pansies’ are the weakest dregs of the Caucasian race.

Since these individuals are too stupid/insane to ever be taken seriously, they have no choice but to become a menace to society. The ‘Pansy Division’ of the ‘Old Right’ does not even belong on the ‘Right’ – only the Liberal Left supports ‘equality’ for the intellectually handicapped and the mentally ill. And what is this Miller lackspittle, but a creature so weak and cowardly as to attack unarmed civilians? A warrior? A spineless coward and a brainless imbecile.

Let us blame the real culprit – Liberal Democracy – that permits dangerous imbeciles to run free. I outright condemn Millers actions and believe he should be subjected to utter posthumous humiliation to discourage further fools from such actions and bring disgrace on Nationalist movements.

Please read Johnson’s article below:

What is the Old Right response to this strategic situation? Based on Alex Linder’s Vanguard News Network Forum, which Glenn Miller frequented, the Old Right approach is to drop our strongest weapons (particularly morality), to put together a cadre of people who are even more repulsive and crazy than the enemy leadership, and then to charge the enemy at his strongest point.[1]

Old Right types typically accuse me of bringing a pen to a gunfight, but I accuse them of bringing a gun to a battle of ideas. Glenn Miller shows us how well that works out.


1. Linder, who has never heard of a spree killer he hasn’t liked, has been silent since Miller’s rampage. Some are speculating that the SPLC will use Miller’s connection to VNN to try to shut down Linder’s tard hatchery. But this is wishful thinking. Why would the system shut down VNN Forum when Miller’s actions work entirely to the system’s advantage? Objectively, VNN Forum is an enemy asset. If I were them, I would be donating to it.




Color another “revolution” red, white and blue

(article by Bill White, preprinted from www.firstfreedom.net
Color another “revolution” red, white and blue
Regarding the Russia-Ukraine issue, let’s look at a few facts ignored by the Judeo-Conservative press that make clear what’s behind this latest “revolution.”
Russia is not Communist under Putin. Communism was a system where an alien ethnic minority, the Jews, killed, exploited and enslaved the Russian people under their hierarchy. Putin is an ethnic Russian governing in the interests of his people no matter where located. Nations are united by common birth, not arbitrary boundaries drawn by plutocrats. The Communist hive that seeks to break down people’s cultures and exploit them under Jewish rule today is the United States.
Russia’s government is less repressive than America’s. Pussy Riot got two years in prison for playing sacrilegious music in an Orthodox Church. In the United States, if White supremacists burst into a Black church and started playing hatecore music, they’d be charged with violent hate crimes and receive at least eight years.
Russia’s government is less dictatorial than America’s. The Duma unanimously voted to approve intervening in Ukraine. But it voted beforehand, unlike America, where Congress is never asked to approve military action beforehand. Putin has had a 60%-90% approval rating for 14 years, but Obama rates 35%-40%. Putin represents Russia, while Obama induces corruption and ignorance.
Russia’s is the stronger economy, a 2.1 trillion GDP, 500 billion foreign exchange and a budget surplus, her economy having “slowed down” to a 6% growth rate.
America has a $17 trillion GDP, just a printing press, no reserves, and a budget deficit. Our economy accelerated to 2.4% growth in 2013, and that may be revised down.
The Crimea is Russia, which parent has retaken it without a shot, cheering crowds having greeted all those arriving soldiers. Compare that with the U. S. invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan, where thirteen years of occupation could never stop a desperate armed resistance.
Putin doesn’t want the Ukraine. Both Belarus and eastern Ukraine have tried to rejoin Russia for 22 years. Why has Russia refused annexation requests from Belarus? Because that State is poor, and Russia has enough poverty.
The U. S. started this. The government in Ukraine – not those nationalists in the street – consists of mere Zionist puppets. The U. S. backed this coup, and Russia has poked ol’ ZOG in the eye. That’s what it’s all about.
Every White American should  pray for Putin and the day when we overthrow this Zionist occupation of our government.

18 Things Females Seem To Not Understand


See the following points. I maintain that in domestic cases (which this is to any intelligent person, if you think it is ‘extortion’, you are quite bluntly, an imbecile) the courts will always side with the female irrespective of the actual circumstances:
“10. Female privilege is being able to divorce your spouse when your marriage is no longer working because you know you will most likely be granted custody of your children.”

“11. Female privilege is being able to call the police in a domestic dispute knowing they will take your side. Female privilege is not having your gender work against where police are involved.”


Originally posted on Thought Catalog:

1. Female privilege is being able to walk down the street at night without people crossing the street because they’re automatically afraid of you.

2. Female privilege is being able to approach someone and ask them out without being labeled “creepy.”

3. Female privilege is being able to get drunk and have sex without being considered a rapist. Female privilege is being able to engage in the same action as another person but be considered the innocent party by default.

4. Female privilege is being able to turn on the TV and see yourself represented in a positive way. Female privilege is shows like King of Queens and Everybody Loves Raymond where women are portrayed as attractive, competent people while men are shown as ugly, lazy slobs.

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5. Female privilege is the idea that women and children should be the first rescued from any…

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